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Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Some time ago we ran a comparison between the S63 AMG and the 1976 Mercedes 450 SEL 6.9, to see how the same concepts fared in two different eras, when manufacturing techniques, technology and even mentalities were so different.

Nowadays, as the big internal combustion engine is falling out of politically-correct favour, some brands are continuing to produce the traditional concept of big car, at the same time researching and developing hybrid and electronic technology. Mercedes and BMW are not going to give up on a segment that has earned them their bulletproof premium brand image. While the Munich brand chose a V12 for its M760Li (see feature), the Stuttgart firm chose to swap its V8 for a more compact, more optimised 4-litre, improving on its predecessor in both power and acceleration.

Just like its direct rival, the S63 boasts an amazing interior. While the BMW has an understated, modern elegance, the styling of the Mercedes is more one-off, more curvy and offers more roundness. More fluid, less boxy, but very similar in terms of comfort and quality of the materials. With the car’s huge range of technological options, the few days we had it were not sufficient to delve into its full potentials, although we were impressed by the headlights technology which, with the sophisticated night vision system, makes for extremely safe driving under poor visibility.

Mercedes is also bounding ahead in car-user interaction, particularly inside. We saw it in the new 4-door AMG GT, showcased in Geneva, and it is also there in aspects of the S63, such as the interior lighting, which is linked to the climate control and changes from red to blue as the temperature in is raised or lowered.

However, the actual point of an AMG is in its guns, and the new 4-litre V8 is set to stun. Once again, we find a car with the heart of an athlete, well able to handle the weight of its impressive bodywork. With 612 hp and a torque of 900 N⋅m, it has nothing to envy a super sports car, and it will put a smile on your face.

A colossal car for any road trip, the longer and the further the better.

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