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Wheels & Watches book

50+ Personal Stories of Time and Cars


Press Release:“Wheels & Watches”,50+ Personal Stories of Time and Cars

The book “Wheels & Watches” is an exciting exploration of the connection between two fascinating worlds: cars and watches. Written by Oriol Vilanova, this book pro- vides a unique and detailed look at how these two passions intertwine in the lives of mechanics and design enthusiasts. Featuring insights from over 50 prominent figures from both sectors, who share their personal experiences with their favourite cars and watches. An intriguing book to delve into and share these two passions.

Book Summary:

“Wheels & Watches” offers a collection of intimate stories and exclusive interviews with prominent figures from the automotive and watch industries. From renowned designers to racing drivers and master watchmakers, each chapter reveals the stories behind the favourite cars and watches of these experts, offering a unique insight into their shared passion.

Key Themes:

The intersection between automotive design and high-end watchmaking.The personal stories behind the favourite cars and watches of industry figures.The evolution of wristwatches as indispensable accessories for car enthusiasts.The mutual influence between the aesthetics of classic cars and luxury watches. Foreword:Two highly relevant figures from each sector have written the foreword for the book “Wheels and Watches.” From the automotive side, Ferrari’s Chief Designer, Flavio Manzoni, one of the most influential and talented car designers of recent decades. His designs include LaFerrari, the SP1 and SP2 Monza, the SP3, the Ferrari Roma, the 812 Competizione, among others, and he has also collaborated on the design of some Hublot or Richard Mille watches. And from the watchmaking side, Maximilian Büsser, the founder of MB&F. One of the most disruptive and creative characters in the watch industry who also wanted to pursue a career in car design in his youth. Both writings are a treat for any car and watch enthusiast.

Key Figures:

The author has invited figures of various backgrounds to reflect detailed insights into each sector. Among them are:

Artists and Designers: Who with their vision, anticipate the future and give shape and soul to objects.

(Among the car designers, we have the complete fabulous generation of 1939 with Giugiaro, Fioravanti, and Gandini. Also, the current design chiefs of Ferrari, Masera- ti, Alfa Romeo, or BMW among many others. Watch designers such as the legendary Jorg Hysek or Fabrizio Buonamassa from Bulgari, and artists like Felipe Pantone who has also collaborated on creating special editions with both watch and car brands.)

Entrepreneurs and Talent Catalysts: Those who, with their faith, tenacity, and cou- rage, make it possible for objects to be built.

(Apart from the aforementioned Maximilian Büsser, we also have legends from the watchmaking sector such as G.H. Meylan or Laurent Ferrier, as well as entrepreneurs from the automotive sector like Kevin and Lukas Czinger.)

Racing Drivers / Ambassadors: Who test and push products to their limits before they hit the market, and then endorse them.

(We have F1, IndyCar, and Endurance drivers such as Stefan Johansson, Erik Comas, or Mexican Adrian Fernandez, but also legends like Jo Ramirez or the famous Lam- borghini test driver Valentino Balboni.)

Collectors: They are enthusiasts and passionate individuals who give greater mea- ning to objects and cherish them over time.

Journalists/Influencers: Through their messages, they extend the reach of products and facilitate a dialogue between brands, objects, and the end customer.

Points of Sale:

Available in select bookstores and specialist stores in cars and watches. Also available online through our online store:

About the Author:

Oriol Vilanova is a multidisciplinary figure who has dedicated his professional career to his two passions, cars and watches. Over the years, he has worked in various inter- national design studios shaping the future for prestigious brands such as Seat, Mitsu- bishi, Alfa Romeo, Subaru, Hyundai & Kia, Chrysler, MercedesBenz, and Ferrari. He was a pioneer in the luxury car sharing sector, creating a cutting-edge club in Spain called Gentlemen Drive with branches in Barcelona, Madrid, Andorra, Valencia, and Miami. He also created the first Spanish investment fund in classic and collectible cars with headquarters in Barcelona and Miami. A lover of art, photography, and design, in 2009 he decided to create a new car and lifestyle magazine which to this day remains a benchmark in our market. His consulting, communication, and events company continues to support a multitude of companies, especially in the automo- tive and watchmaking sectors. His passion for classic cars has led him to participate in the best international events such as the Mille Miglia or the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este among many others. With the book Wheels & Watches, he once again combines his two passions and convinces more than 50 leading figures in both sectors to actively participate in the book.


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