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Mercedes AMG GT/C Roadster

I am sure that if our academicians had test-driven the Mercedes AMG GT/C Roadster they would now be discussing a change in the definition of "amazing" and would unanimously agree to use a picture of this car to illustrate the first definition. Because it is; the AMG GT/C has it all. All and a lot more. In spades! A truly amazing set of wheels. The first impression you get when you sit in is that this is a solid car. It's hard to put in words, but it's palpable. You immediately realise that you are in something special. Secondly, though no less importantly, is the view from inside, overlooking the lengthy nose. The layout is dramatic, awesome. With an extra-long bonnet and the cabin set way back, it immediately reminded me of some of the most beautiful classic sports cars, like the Jaguar E Type, to give just one example. The front-loaded engine, set between the front axis and the cabin, gives the AMG GT/C a retro air, emphasised by the convex grille, inspired by the famous 300 SL W194 of the legendary Mercedes-Benz 1-2 finish in the 1952 Carrera Panamericana. The gorgeous curves and finely-balanced lines give the car an air of timeless beauty, an essential feature to make a genuine classic.On the street it attracts admiring looks from passers-by and other drivers. While many sports cars tend to be intimidating or have a seedy air about them, the AMG GT/C Roadster draws smiles and admiration, lighting up the eyes of all those who cross its path.And that is just great. Finally, a truly positive, likeable supercar. One in which you can feel relaxed and liked, even in summer with the top down.But let's go back to that solidity. The AMG GT/C Roadster, with its rigid chassis and agreeably firm suspension, responds beautifully to the touch. Along with sharp transmission, activated by metallic cams, this delivers a truly special driving experience. For an authentic, thoroughbred sports car, with 557 CV and rear traction, it is a very easy, relaxing ride. (Man, I love rear drives!). However, playing around with the chassis mode is where you see the full power of the AMG GT/C, and there is plenty of it!Like most modern cars, the AMG GT/C offers several driving modes, from “Comfort” to the “unplugged Race mode”, via “Sport” and “Sport+”. We recommend “Sport+” in order to truly experience the virtues of the latest beauty from the Sindelfingen stable. The soundtrack is also a delight to all and sundry. As my American friends say, "Popcorn time!" The satisfying crackle of the exhaust spurs provides further encouragement to enjoy even more curves in the open air

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