• Markus Haub

Project "#9110101621"


he idea to customize an old 911 came up aorund the year 2013, when I went to my Porsche workshop to bring another car into the winter parking. I saw an old rusty F-Modell and started thinking about how to rebuild it, to make it a bit sportier and cool looking. A car just for driving, assuming that this could be done with little e ort, budget and time.

In the following months I was gathering images for inspiration and starting to sketch a little bit. As a car designer, a distinctive look was very important to me. Color combinations, interior, seats, instruments. You cannot change a lot, but the few ele- ments are enough to make it stand out from the 911 crowd. The

idea grew slowly and after over a year of planning and drea- ming I also realized that it was probably not to be done with a small budget and that it would require a more or less complete restoration. I also needed an expert partner for the project and a donor vehicle, which should be ot too good (too expensive), but also not too bad (too expensive).