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Don’t you think they should fine the slow drivers that invade our roads, especially at times when we are in a hurry? The worst part is finding a convoy headed by a large tonnage truck followed by a retinue of several cars that don’t even think about overtaking it even if they are driving over a broken line for kilometers.

“Be patient”, some would say. But when you’re behind the wheel of the new RS5, with 450HP under that hood and in impeccable red (which they say encourages a sportier driving style), you don’t feel like calming down. Your nervousness goes from 0 to 100 faster than the acceleration of an Audi. What a nightmare! They should sell this model with a license to overtake. This way we would be able to enjoy the great potential offered by the RS5.

As with any test drive, there are details that you like more than others. For example, I noticed the steering wheel somewhat a little slim compared to the car’s character but, on the other hand, the touch of the Nappa leather and the finishes of the interior in general provide a carefully selected sporting and exclusive environment; impeccable quality, as we always find with Audi and its RS range. In the same line, the work of the Color & Trim Department is superb, allowing the client to configure his vehicle with interesting stitching, combining natural leather, Nappa and carbon fiber everywhere. The carbon also imprints a more aggressive character to the outside, with lower side panels, spoilers and diffusers both front and rear. The mirrors also meet the expectations, as they are made in the same light material. What is perhaps the biggest surprise is to see the entire roof in black. BMW got us used to this solution in the lightweight CSL versions of the M3 models (now M4), but seeing it in the new Audi RS5 was a pleasant surprise. And aesthetically, we loved it!

We also loved its turbocharged V6 engine and the deep guttural sound that it makes when the gears are changed in a sporty way. A very similar sound to those of the F1 that, differences aside, also have a similar engine configuration. Vibrations that rise from the road and reach your soul. If you also configure the Drive Select with the sports suspension, the RS5 becomes a stone and your spine begins to abruptly notice any irregularity on the road, however subtle it may be. I do not exaggerate if I tell you that it is difficult to maintain a conversation with the suspension on so hard! But who cares? When you want to make the most out of the RS5, it’s better to go by yourself so that nobody distracts you. I even recommend you to turn off the radio. Or try something that I like: Put on classical music and step on the accelerator. You will see that the contrast is unbeatable!

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